1) Every now and then, monitor the Balance settings by flicking the BAL switch to the left side:

2) Then compare this with readings with the BAL on the right side :

What the meter reads doesn’t matter at all, but you must make sure that both BAL readings are the same : 1) and 2)

To do so, adjust the BAL preset with a flat screwdriver as you repeat step 1) and 2).
keep adjusting it until readings are the same on 1) and 2).


You will notice that when you turn the preset in one direction to increase the meter reading in 1) it will decrease the reading in 2) at the same time, so just keep flicking from one side to the other adjusting the preset in the right direction until you achieve the same reading on the BAL positions.

Once you have finished adjusting them, flick the switch back to ZERO for normal gain reduction reading and do the other channel.


All tubes in a FAIRCHILD should be well matched.
I would always expect the BAL preset setting to be between 9 O’clock and 3 O’clock maximum.
Do not run Your FAIRCHILD with any of the BAL presets almost all the way up or down on one side, please contact me first to discuss the best way to re-arrange your tubes and check them. I will happily assist you to do this.
If something is not set properly nor balanced, you run the risk of damaging the output transformers.